Services related to the International Search and Rescue Program COSPAS SARSAT or other satellite systems:

  • Consultancy and advise for the acquisition, updating and improvement of terrestrial segment systems (LUTs and MCCs).

  • Installation, setup and commissioning of terrestrial segment systems.

  • Technical support forthe LEOSAR, GEOSAR and MEOSAR systems.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of the systems of the terrestrial segment.

  • Training for the operation and administration of the terrestrial segment systems.

  • On Site and Remote posting about publications, meetings, conferences, seminars and similar events related to Search and Rescue.

  • Representation or commercial intermediation for the acquisition of satellite systems and earth stations, both inside or outside the country.

Services related to survival devices (Beacons):

  • Import and commerce of survival devices for maritime, aerial or terrestrial Search and Rescue.

  • Technical support and maintenance for emergency position-indicating radio beacons, maritime (EPIRB), aerial (ELT) or terrestrial (PLB) and other devices for Search and Rescue.

  • Import and commerce of spare parts and parts of emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB / ELT / PLB) and other devices for search and rescue.

  • Training courses about use of emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB / ELT / PLB).

  • Advisory services for the acquisition of emergency position-indicating radio beacons.

Services related to Search and Rescue (SAR), as well as emergencies response systems:

  • Training courses related to Search and Rescue, Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety and Health.


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